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We believe in sharing our knowledge

Our SharePoint Training is 100% tailored to each client’s needs. No “out of the box” stuffy classroom training here! We perform the SharePoint training on your site, in the environment you will be working in… No hypothetical training labs. We know people learn faster and retain more when they are “hands on” rather than just listening, so we leave out the lectures. We specialize in taking the average computer user and training them to be a SharePoint Super User. We can even create custom training videos for your new Intranet like the one you see to the left.



dataBridge SharePoint Training begins by providing a clear understanding of the SharePoint platform and then focuses on equipping Administrative users with the ability and know-how to expand their site as the organization grows.

Whether onsite training or online training, dataBridge will customize SharePoint Training to fit your organizations specific needs. Give us a call we’d love to talk through your needs. 800-260-9357

Custom SharePoint Training Tutorials

We can help you train every new employee or new SharePoint user with custom SharePoint training tutorials. dataBridge will create individual training modules of your site to guide your users in the “how to’s” of SharePoint. These custom training tutorials can be tailored to your employees exact needs.

Below is an example of a custom training video that we created for one client. This video enabled them to train initial users, train new hires as they were added to the company and helped with user adoption of SharePoint:

  • Add an Event to the Calendar
  • SharePoint Site Overview
  • Add an Announcement
  • Add and modify a Task
  • Add an Image
  • Upload a Document
  • Add and Reply to a Discussion
  • Add a Quick Link to the Home Page
  • How to use a Wiki
  • How to manage a Blog
  • Create a List or Library


We're a Microsoft SharePoint partner - everything you need IS right here

For more information about how dataBridge can transform your business with improved corporate communication, collaboration, forms, workflows, and document management, contact us today.